About Us

Working to build strong children & families with a Christian base that include prayer, worship, Bible stories, teaching, and  service to others as part of our philosophy.


Golden Rule Child Care Center is a place you can trust with your most valuable assets–your children

Established by Grace Lutheran Church in 1972, Golden Rule Child Care began as a response to the growing childcare needs in the heart of Andover and the surrounding communities.

For over 40 years, Golden Rule Child Care Center has been providing a safe, nurturing environment where children thrive!

It is the philosophy of Golden Rule Child Care Center that young children learn most effectively when they have the opportunity to explore their environment and experience a variety of materials and situations while they play. We also believe in a responsive, developmental approach to early childhood learning which emphasizes that each child develops at their own rate and that progress is measured individually rather than in comparison to other children in the group.

Golden Rule is a Christ-centered program. Learning experiences are taught from the Christian perspective that each child is a child of God and that all people are deserving of respect as creatures of God. In accordance with this philosophy, we include prayer, worship, Bible stories and teaching, and service to others as part of our curriculum.

Thank you for visiting Golden Rule Child Care of Andover, we wish you a day filled with happiness, laughter and blessings!

At the Golden Rule, my child is accepted for who he is and encouraged to grow into the person he wishes to become.

Kim Corbey

“Golden Rule Childcare Center is more than a child care center. These awesome ladies help to set the foundation for my children’s future! They provide safe, secure, loving care in a Christian setting. Both of our sons have fond memories of their years at Golden Rule.”

Kathy and Merle Tingelstad

“At the Golden Rule each child is valued for who they are. The staff have great skills in truly understanding children. They see the reasons behind behaviors and nurture children in positive ways.”

Mary Jo Merrick Lockett
Teacher of District 11

“It feels like home.”

Tommy C

“Golden Rule is Magical! I loved it so much. I still have a relationship with the staff 24 years later.”

Rachel Lockett
MBA/MA 1984 Golden Rule Student